Music at Citizens Bank Park

It was sad news when longtime organist Paul Richardson passed away on October 2, 2006. Paul served as the Phillies organist from 1970 to 2005 and brought a sound to the ballpark that was fun, entertaining, and most importantly unique and found only in baseball.  Paul_richardsonWhat is also sad is that the sound of organ music has been removed from Citizens Bank Park. Organ music is a tradition at baseball games much like the game itself is a tradition. We now have canned music and sound effects that sound no different than being at a football or hockey game. Baseball is a tradition and hearing an organ playing is part of that tradition. I am not against all canned music, the world has changed, but bring the organ back and keep that part of baseball tradition alive in Philadelphia. We have a beautiful new stadium that is a tribute to the formers parks the team has played in. Let us not forget Philadelphia baseball’s musical past.



    Music at Citizens Bank Park: I agree with the October 2007 posting regarding the lack of organ music at CBP. All of the new baseball parks have organs…why not the Phillies? Don’t understand it. The organ is a baseball tradition. The canned music has it use in today’s game but banning the organ altogether is inexplicable. Please bring the organ back!!!

    Thank you

    Nick Merlo
    Hammonton, NJ

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