Manual Finishes Second in Manager of the Year Voting

Charlie Manual finished second in the voting for NL manager of the year. Despite the heat he takes from the media, especially talk radio in Philadelphia, the Baseball Writers Association of America decided that Manual Charlie_manualdeserved 76 points and beat out Clint Hurdle for the runner up position behind Arizona’s Bob Melvin. Everyone has an opinion on Charlie from his in game moves to the way he speaks, but the bottom line is the players love him and the team won the division for him. It will be interesting to see how he and the team do next season with the added pressure of being defending division champions. Below are the results of the voters.

2007 NL Manager of
the Year Award Voting
Manager, Club 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Bob Melvin,
19 7 3 119
Manuel, PHI
7 11 8 76
Hurdle, COL
4 10 8 58
Piniella, CHC
2 3 6 25
Black, SD
  1 1 4
Manny Acta,
    4 4
Yost, MIL
    2 2

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