26 Spring Training Games to be Broadcast

RememberKarens_pictures_148 the days when three or four Spring training games would be broadcast? Those days are over! The Phillies will be broadcasting 26 games on television, radio, and the internet.

Comcast Sportsnet will have two games. One on Monday, March 17 against the Indians and the other
will be on Saturday, March 22 against the Tigers. Philly 57 will also
have two games. The first is Saturday, March 1 against the Yankees
and Sunday, March 23, against the Blue Jays and Scott Rolen.

The other 22 games will be split between 1210 AM and Phillies.com. This bloggers advise to you is to buy the package on MLB.com as many Spring games are broadcast and every regular season game is on.


  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Definitely! Look for the MLB.TV 2008 subscription package any day now from us. It’s the only way to do up MLB right in this era, and get GDA included so you can hear every game live. Great post.



  2. jeff_rehm@hotmail.com

    I was wondering if you knew when comcatsports net is going to air this year’s meet the Phillies and last year’s team video?

  3. Bill

    Meet the Phillies will be aired on Friday at 7pm. As far as the team video I would look for it during a rain delay. For $20 it is a good buy. It includes the entire clinching game and celebration.

  4. Jimmy

    Hi, Bill!

    How are you doing? My name is Jimmy Curran, and my MLBlog. is “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”…


    I saw your comments to Mark on his MLBlogosphere, http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com and decided to check-out your Blog…

    As a long-time, die-hard Yankees fan, I know that without even asking we both have at least one thing in common – we both root against the NY Mets and want them to lose every year!

    It was great to watch the historic fall of the Mets last year when they were up 7 games with 17 games to play, and ended up losing the NL East to the Phillies…

    That’s the deal in New York if you are a Yankees fan…as much as you root for the Yankees to win, you also root just as hard for the Mets [and, Boston Red Sox] to lose!

    Anyway, the Mets will be a lot better this year now that they completed the deal for Santana…By the way, I was happy – as were most Yankee fans – about this move by the Mets, because Santana did not go to the Red Sox; and, the Yankees did not have to give up any of their good young players that the Twins were asking for in their trade talks with the Yankees…

    But, it should be a great race in the NL East this year. In addition to the Santana signing by the Mets, the Phillies and Braves also made some good moves. So, all three teams will battle for first. Hopefully, in the end, whoever finishes first and second, the Mets will finish at least in third or lower in the standings…

    My prediction: The Phillies will win the NL EAST.

    After that, anything can happen in the post-season!

    Bill, good luck for a great season in 2008. I look forward to your future thoughts, comments, and new Posts!




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