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Wall of Fame Voting

Jim_konstantyWall of Fame Voting began for this years enshrinement into Phillies immortality. As I looked at the nominees something stood out to me. MVP and Whiz Kid Jim Konstanty is still on the ballot and not on the wall. This is a terrible oversight. Konstanty is the only relief pitcher ever to win the MVP award and he did it in a season where he helped lead the Phillies to one of their only five World Series appearances.  Get out there and vote Konstanty in. He belongs on that wall!

I also voted for John Kruk and first time nominee Jim Fregosi. Get on the web site and place your votes today!

Burrell Goes Into the Hall

Pat_burrell_2 Pat Burrell will be inducted into the University of Miami’s hall of fame on February 13, 2008. He holds the schools record for batting average (.442) and slugging percentage (.886). He is in the top five in home runs (61, 2nd), total bases (465, 2nd), RBI (187, 5th) and walks (170, 4th).

Burrells future will the Phillies is a question mark after 2008 but has stated on numerous occasions that he hopes to spend his entire career in Philadelphia. Ask ten Phillies fans if they want him back and you will get ten different rationalizations on the subject. It will be discussed throughout the season as Pat’s contract comes closer to an end.

Jimmy Rollins Wins MVP!

The wait is over, Jimmy Rollins is the National League Most Valuable Player for 2007. Jimmy_rollins_mvp_07Rollins joins Chuck Klein (1932), Jim Konstanty (1950), Mike Schmidt (1980,1981,1986), and Ryan Howard (2006) as the fifth player to win the award and the 7th time the award has gone to a Phillie. This is only the second time the award has been won by a Phillie in consecutive years joining Mike Schmidt Mike_schmidt
who won the award in 1980 and 1981.

17 points separated Rollins from Colorado’s Matt Holliday and the votes went as follows. 32 ballots were submitted by two writers in each league city. Rollins was
listed first on 16, second on seven, third on four, fourth on four and fifth on
one for a total of 353 points. Holliday’s breakdown was 11 first-place votes, 18
seconds, one third, one fourth and one sixth for 336 points.

Jimmy set the NL shortstop record for runs scored and extra base hits with 139 and 88 respectively. He also became the first player in history to collect at least 200 hits, 25
homers, 15 triples and 25 steals in a season. Rollins batted
.296, with 38 doubles, 20 triples, 30 homers, 94 RBIs, 41 stolen bases, 212 hits
and 139 runs scored.

This was a well deserved award for a guy who declared his team the team to beat last winter. As a Phillies fan, you hope he declares the Phillies the 2008 world champions this winter and follows through like he did in 2007!

NL MVP Award Voting
Player, Club 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Points
Jimmy Rollins,
16 7 4 4 1           353
Matt Holliday,
11 18 1 1   1         336
Prince Fielder,
5 6 17 3       1     284
David Wright,
  1 4 12 7 1 1 2     182
Ryan Howard,
    2 6 3 3 3 2   3 112
Chipper Jones,
    1 3 3 7 5 1 1   107
Jake Peavy,
      2 5 5 4 1 4 1 97
Chase Utley,
    1   5 2 6 4 1 3 89
Albert Pujols,
        1 2 2 3 6 5 50
Hanley Ramirez,
        3 2   4 4 1 49
Eric Byrnes,
          1 3 4 7   43
Alfonso Soriano,
    1   1 2 2 1 1 2 39
Aramis Ramirez,
        2 2 1 2 2   36
Jose Valverde,
        1 2     1 1 19
Miguel Cabrera,
      1     2     3 18

Manual Finishes Second in Manager of the Year Voting

Charlie Manual finished second in the voting for NL manager of the year. Despite the heat he takes from the media, especially talk radio in Philadelphia, the Baseball Writers Association of America decided that Manual Charlie_manualdeserved 76 points and beat out Clint Hurdle for the runner up position behind Arizona’s Bob Melvin. Everyone has an opinion on Charlie from his in game moves to the way he speaks, but the bottom line is the players love him and the team won the division for him. It will be interesting to see how he and the team do next season with the added pressure of being defending division champions. Below are the results of the voters.

2007 NL Manager of
the Year Award Voting
Manager, Club 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Bob Melvin,
19 7 3 119
Manuel, PHI
7 11 8 76
Hurdle, COL
4 10 8 58
Piniella, CHC
2 3 6 25
Black, SD
  1 1 4
Manny Acta,
    4 4
Yost, MIL
    2 2

Rollins and Utley win Silver Slugger Awards

Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins won the 2007  Louisville Silver Slugger Awards for their positions. Utley hit .332 with 22 homers and 103 RBIs.Chase_utley He produced these numbers even after missing over a month with a broken hand. This was the second year he won the award. Rollins hit 296 with 30 homers and 41 stolen bases. He became only the 32nd player in major league baseball to join the 30/30 club.

For Rollins the hope is that the Gold Glove he won earlier in the week and the Silver Slugger Award are just appetizers for him being named National League MVP. Jimmy_rollins
Jimmy should win the MVP award as his contribution to the 2007 team was such a part of them getting to the post season coupled with the fact that he (along with Curtis Granderson) Curtis_granderson
become the first players in 50 years to have at least 20 doubles, triples, homeruns, and stolen bases in a season. That announcement will take place November 20.

The combination of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins perhaps make up the best offensive infield in baseball even for a team that does not have a legitimate third baseman. Imagine if the Phillies can get third base squared away? The collective infield may set records that no one will break for years to come!

Jimmy Rollins and Aaron Rowand Win Gold Gloves!

Jimmy Rollins and Aaron Rowand won gold gloves for their outstanding play in the 2007 campaign. For Jimmy Rollins this is an honor he has deserved for some time. Sadly a players offensive contributions have weight in the decision of who wins the award. Both players truly deserved the honors this year! Congratulations Jimmy and Aaron!