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Manual Wins 500th Game

Charlie Manual has not had it easy in Philadelphia. He has been booed,
ridiculed, been second guessed, and had members of the media insult his
intelligence and communication skills. Charlie has proven most of his
critics wrong.

Manual came into the season being one of only
four active managers to win a division in each league joining Jim
Leyland, Tony LaRussa, and Joe Torre. He reached another feat as well
yesterday in winning his 500th career game. Manual is 500-428 in his
career as a manager in five plus seasons and is 280-238 as the Phillies

Charlie gained many fans respect last season when he led the Phillies
to the playoffs for the first time in 14 years, but still deals with
some tough personal criticisms. Still many make fun of the way he talks
and questions his intelligence.

At this point it is only fair that if you are going to criticize him,
do so about is his decisions, how he uses his bullpen, or how he uses
his bench. Being second guessed on those things is part of being a
manager. It should be done and gives all of us something to talk about.
Just calling him stupid or making fun of the way he talks just shows
that we have not looked into the decision well enough to discuss it and
are taking the easy shot.

Congratulations Charlie! I hope your wish comes true and you win 500
more games all here in Philadelphia. Even better, do it in the next
five years!

Phils Blow Good Eaton Outing

Adam Eaton pitched 7 2/3 innings giving up 3 earned runs. If someone
told me 1. that Eaton would last that long in any outing and 2. that
the Phillies wouldn’t win, I would have thought they were crazy. Eaton
should have been removed after 7 before giving up a game tying homerun
but the bullpen was depleted with Romero and Madson being unavailable
and Charlie Manual had no faith in Tom Gordon so he went with Eaton.

The game ended on a ground ball to Jimmy Rollins who made a mistake
throwing to first instead of home. I don’t understand because had he
thrown the batter out, the game was still over. Bonehead thinking from
the MVP.

You can argue about Charlie’s decision to stick with Eaton, but the
fact is he felt more confident in Adam Eaton than Tom Gordon and I can
not say I blame him. I also have questions about pitchers being
unavailable this time of the year. Give me a break. It is way too early
in the year to say you are unavailable.