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Rollins Out Until Tuesday

With a day off on Monday, it appears Charlie Manual will rest Jimmy
Rollins one more day. Chris Wheeler said that he spoke with Charlie
Manual and he eluded that with the off day Rollins will not play
tomorrow giving the MVP two extra days to rest his sprained ankle.

It makes sense especially if the Phillies can hold on to their 5 run
lead and ensure a win of the series against the Chicago Cubs. 

Shane Victorino was removed from the game after the sixth inning after coming up limping running out a ground out.

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J-Roll OK

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Jimmy Rollins is ok after spraining his ankle running the bases in the
Phillies win against the New York Mets yesterday. Rollins is day to day
and may or may not play in todays game. I am sure with J-Roll’s
personality it will be hard for Charlie Manual to give him a day off
especially against the rival New York Mets.

“My cleat got stuck,” said Rollins. “I was more concerned about my knee popping if
anything, but the ankle went. It’s probably something day-to-day. When
I first did it, I heard a pop and felt like somebody dropped a weight
on my foot.”

Jimmy played in every game last season but will probably not repeat
that his season as the team has Eric Bruntlett who can play shortstop.
Although Abraham Nunez could play shortstop, it was not a natural
position for him and put a hole in the middle of the infield. Bruntlett
plays the position proficiently. The hope is though we see Rollins in
that line up tonight!

Zagurski to Need Tommy John Surgery

Mike_zagurski_1It looks as if the Phillies version of the "Hefty Lefty" Mike Zagurski will need Tommy John Surgery. As he has been rehabbing from a hamstring injury, he began to throw and had pain in his elbow. He will seek a second opinion.

If Zagurski needs the surgery, he will miss 2008 and part of 2009. This will really set back his chances of becoming a major league pitcher. The Phillies stable of lefty’s in the bullpen seems to only be J.C. Romero. Rumor has it a trade is in the works for bullpen help. The Phillies need it!

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On the Lidge? No on the Shelf

Newly acquired closer Brad Lidge will start the season on the disabled list and miss the first five games of the season. Lidge was placed on the DL retroactive to March 21st and will be able to begin his season on April 5th.

Lidge was hoping to be ready for opening day but the decision by the team to hold him back is a good one. Since Lidge is getting a fresh start and has been known to let bad outings get to his head, the last thing the team needs is to let him pitch at less then 100% and have a bad start. He will now be completely healthy and can get off to a strong and fresh start in a season where Phillies fans anticipate him earning 35 to 40 saves.

Eaton Injured Again

Adam_eaton_3Adam Eaton said his back bothered him in his start yesterday after he gave up 4 runs in 2 innings. Now he claims the pains have been there since last July. This leads me to two conclusions. Eaton’s body is badly broken down and has not been healthy in quite some time OR Eaton uses injuries as excuses for his poor performance.

Either way, the Phillies have a situation where one of the highest paid players on their team can not be relied upon to take the ball every fifth day. The Phillies should either shut him down and wait until he is fully recovered, try to move him (there would be NO interest), or think about using him in the bullpen. As I see it now, Kris Benson and Travis Blackley are the teams only candidates for the number 5 spot in the Phillies rotation.

Brad Lidge Watch

Brad Lidge said he feels better now than he did before the surgery and still thinks he can be ready to pitch for the Phillies by opening day. He played catch on Wednesday and should be able to throw long toss today. Throwing long toss will require Lidge to push off on his leg. This should be a pretty good indicator of how he is recovering.

Lidge said, "Right now, I might be on the early side of three to six weeks. At the same time, we’re not trying to get to three weeks just so
we can say we’re at three, then two weeks later, something happens. But
it’s going good."

If all goes well Brad could throw a bullpen session tomorrow and move on to batting practice later in the week. He said if he could get 5 to 7 Grapefruit League games in he should be ready for opening day as his arm feels great.

Recovering Pitchers

Kris Benson threw to hitters today for the first time. Benson was said to have looked good and felt no pain or discomfort. Benson could see game action in a few weeks if he continues to progress. He will continue to be closely monitored.

Brad Lidge was in uniform and with the team today. Lidge should be throwing sometime next week and continue his journey to return to the closers role.