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Shades of Truth

On the eve of Spring Training, rumblings from congress have the headlines. Do you believe RogerClemens_congress_1
Clemens, Brian McNamee, Andy Pettitte, or Andy’s wife? Or do you not believe anyone? How do you know who to believe? Congress was partisan as always with Republicans leaning towards Clemens while democrats leaned towards McNamee but where can John Q Public lean?

Pettitte admitted to lying when he said he took HGH in 2002 and 2004 He only admitted to the one time earlier. McNamee was caught in lies from other depositions and is a known drug dealer. How can anyone believe him? Clemens now has a deposition from his wife saying SHE took HGH. Could it be Roger never took HGH and was protecting his wife? Could it be that we do not have the full truth out of any of them? Could it be that the whole situation is a three ring circus and no one will ever know the truth? I tend to lean towards the latter.

My only other opinion is this. I think there are too many question marks to believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Clemens is guilty. With that I will not condemn him. I also will never look at him the same way, without a stain. The only clear winner today was Greg Maddux. He walks away as the greatest pitcher of his era. I am sure the doctor did not want the distinction this way.

Roger Clemens Interview on 60 Minutes

Roger Clemens spoke on CBS’s 60 Minutes tonight denying allegations that his trainer and friend Brian McNamee  Roger_clemens_1injected him with steroids and human growth hormones. He was agitated at times and said the injections never happened. He was hurt that fans did not give him the benefit of the doubt. He repeated throughout the interview "it didn’t happen". He also claimed he did not know about close friend and former teammate Andy Pettitte’s usage of steroids. There was not a lot of substance to the interview but a lot of repetitive denials. When asked whether people would ever believe him, he said the people that know him and what he is about know he is telling the truth and that others have judged him the "new American way, guilty before being proven innocent".

After watching Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmiero ruin their public images by denying similar allegations, Clemens must either be innocent or positive he can not be proven to be lying. He may be willing to take a lie detector test but does that prove his innocence or guilt? In the words of George Costanza when coaching Jerry Seinfeld on the television show Seinfeld in a lie detector test, "It’s not a lie, if you believe it."

Readers, do you believe Roger Clemens? Will he still be elected to the Hall of Fame? Will his reputation be tarnished forever? Share your thoughts.

Mitch on Mitchell

Mitch WilliamsMitch_williams spoke on Comcast Sportsnet about the Mitchell report and basically said that when you look at the list of players as a whole, performance enhancing drugs were not that big of a help. Whether you agree or disagree with him, there is one absolute truth to this on the list and that is David Bell. Bell signed a ridiculous 4 year $16 million contract that he earned $10 of. Maybe. Let’s get this right. Mark McGwire hit 70 homeruns while using, Barry Bonds hit 73. David Bell hit the nerve of every Phillies fan as the worst third baseman the team has had in 50 years. If I sound bitter about Bell, well it is because I am. The good news to Phillies fans though is that David Bell and Mike Lieberthal are gone. I still find it curious that Lieberthal started with the Phillies in 1994 and left in 2006. He was there for the entire 14 year playoff drought. Ok, I am done. Thanks for listening!

Ten Former Phillies Named on Mitchell report

Jeremy Giambi, Benito Santiago, Bobby Estallela,Lenny_dykstra Lenny Dykstra, Jason Grimsley, Ryan
Franklin, Todd Pratt, Gary Bennett, Paul Byrd and David Bell were all named in the Mitchell report which was released today. Dykstra and Bell were both alleged to have taken performance enhancing drugs while with the Phillies. This is a sad day for baseball but let us hope that this will put this issue to an end and that the use of these drugs will be the rare exception in the future and stiff penalties will be imposed for those caught.

I remember seeing Lenny Dykstra in Spring training in 1993 and thinking he had gained 25 to 30 pounds of muscle in the offseason. Even then there was little doubt in my mind that he was using some sort of steroid. This subject will be discussed more in the coming days and weeks and I look forward to good discussion on this blog.

New Roommates

This site is dedicated to Phillies news and discussion but I could not resist. With the news of OJ Simpson standing trial and now Barry Bonds Barry_bondsindictment, maybe they can be roommates in jail! OJ could be facing a life charge while Barry, after a four-year investigation into steroid use
by elite athletes, was charged with four counts of perjury and one of
obstruction of justice. If convicted, he could be sentenced to a
maximum of 30 years in prison. It is more likely he would spend 1 to 2 years in prison though. He is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on December 7. Bonds finished the year with 762 homers, seven more than Aaron, and is now a free agent. In 2001, he set the season record with 73 home

This could be a friendship made in heaven… or ****.Oj_simpson Either way, both have brought a black eye to their respective sports. The blog will have more coverage of the steroid investigation when more facts are released.