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To Replay or Not to Replay

USA Today reports that major league baseball is considering
implementing instant replay this season and could do so by August 1 to
have it in place for the pennant races and playoffs. The general
managers originally voted in favor of exploring instant replay during
the winter meetings and it would be used for homerun calls to see
whether a ball is actually over the fence or fair or foul.

I am completely against any use of instant replay in baseball. When
I watch football, I can not stand when instant replay is used. It drags
the game out, takes away the human element, and has changed the game
forever. Now there are those putting asterisks next to games where
calls were wrong before instant replay was used. Will we start talking
that way in baseball? And where does it end? Do we start challenging
ball and strike calls? It is a slippery slope. Who will challenge these
calls? How do you make a penalty if the challenge is wrong? How do we
stop every play from being challenged that is even somewhat close?

A better solution. In the past month or so, I have seen two games
where an umpire has been removed because of injury. (They should be
wearing full head gear but that is a topic for another post.) This
leaves the umpire squad with only 3 umps and compromised. How about
going to 6 umpires in every game like they do in the playoffs? An
umpire with no other job but to rule on balls down the line and on
homerun balls is sure to get 99.9% of the calls right. This leaves the
human element while ensuring the calls are being made properly. It
stops baseball from having to invent new replay rules, and stops the
sport from turning people off like football has done to me and many
other fans. It also gives the umpire squad extra bodies should someone
not be able to call an entire game.

This makes so much sense Bud Selig will never get it!

New Sites

As MyTeamRivals.com grows we continue to add new sites. Our latest is
Reinstate Pete Rose. Rose was a favorite of mine when he played in
Philadelphia and we have made this page as a tribute to him as well as
a vehicle to get him reinstated. Check it out today!

Reinstate Pete Rose

Local favorite John Marzano Dies

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Phightin’ Phils Phorum is saddened to report the passing of John Robert
Marzano. John died today after falling down the steps at his home in
South Philadelphia. John Marzano was a favorite of every Phillies fan
and many 610 WIP listeners. We are saddened to bring this news and will
update the details when they become more clear. It is unclear at this
time whether the former 1984 Olympic team member
died from the fall or had suffered a heart attack first. Here is what
we now as of now.

Marzano, a native of South Philadelphia, was found dead inside his home
on Passyunk Ave. in the city, a published report indicates. It was
there, the report states, that a family member called police to break
down the door where Marzano apparently fell. It has not been determined
if Marzano suffered a heart attack or simply fell.

graduated from Philadelphia’s Central High School and Temple
University, where he was a member of the school’s athletic Hall of
Fame. As a catcher for Temple, Marzano earned a spot on the 1984 U.S.
Olympic team before being drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the first
round (14th overall pick) of the 1984 draft.

Marzano played in
the big leagues for the Red Sox, Rangers and Mariners. He also played
in the minors for the Indians and Phillies organizations.

his playing days, Marzano worked as an analyst for Comcast SportsNet on
Phillies Post Game Live. He also appeared regularly on Philadelphia
radio station 610-WIP. For the past two years Marzano worked for Major
League Baseball’s web site where he co-hosted a show with Vinny Micucci
every morning.”

Marzano was from Philadelphia and had been working for Major League
Baseball’s Web site, where he co-hosted a show on weekday mornings.

was a beloved member of our team, a personable, terrific friend to all
with whom he worked,” said Bob Bowman, chief executive officer of MLB
Advanced Media. “He was an engaging, informed interviewer. His energy,
knowledge of the game and comedic touch produced admirable results. We
miss him dearly already.”

MLB.com will establish an internship program in Marzano’s name.

“The Phillies family is saddened by the news of John Marzano’s untimely
death,” Phillies president David Montgomery said in a statement. “John
was an endeared member of the Philadelphia sports community who not
only represented our city well as both an athlete and a broadcaster,
but also had incredible passion for the games we play. Our deepest
condolences go out to the Marzano family at this difficult time.”

“Comcast SportsNet suffered a great loss today with the sudden passing
of John Marzano. John was a beloved member of our CSN family and he
will be dearly missed.

knew the moment John entered the building because his infectious laugh
permeated throughout our offices. His love and passion for baseball and
life were a winning combination that endeared him to staff and viewers
alike. John never forgot his Philadelphia roots and was thrilled to
have a career talking Phillies baseball.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to John’s family, including his wife Terri, his daughters Danielle and Dominique and his two grandchildren.”

John, I speak for all Phillies fans and MLB, we will miss you! Marzano is dead at 45.