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Phillies and Mets Clash in Philly

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Phillies Lose Both On Deck Games

The Phillies lost both games of the on deck series and walk into the season with no momentum for a third year in a row. Cole Hamels had a so so performance Friday night as the offense was no where to be found.

Today Jamie Moyer was less then stellar and although Pat Burrell hit a big three run
Jimmy Rollins.jpghomerun, the Phillies only managed 6 hits. Moyer ended his Spring 2-2 with a 4.37 ERA and looks ready to have another typical Moyer season.

Jimmy Rollins does not share the concerns about the slow Spring and his .188 performance. He said, “I don’t really look at Spring Training numbers, they don’t mean
anything. My job this spring was to get the job done. I
use Spring Training as a time to find my hands and find myself in the
box. I use it to get a good swing on the ball. It’s, in a way, like
preseason football. You can see a guy like a Peyton Manning, and he’s
in there for maybe 10 plays and they pull him. You won’t see someone
like him concerning himself with a few incompletions.

“It’s the way I look at the spring. I can’t look too much into the
spring numbers. I use it as a time to work on things. Plus, I don’t
want to give too much away. You can have a pitcher who doesn’t know
what you like, where you like the ball, and you don’t want to show them
too much yourself. The season begins March 31.”

Let’s hope the Phillies can turn the switch because come Monday the games count. MyTeamRivals.com‘s Phightin’ Phils Phorum will be at opening day and provide all the inside scoop as well as pictures. Be sure to check it out!