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Phillies InKlined to Improve Pitching

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A rumor circulated at the end of Spring Training that the Phillies and
Giants were discussing a deal that would bring left handed relief
pitcher Steve Kline to the Phillies for possibly Wes Helms. Helms was
then traded to the Marlins and the lack of depth in the Phillies bullpen continued.

As it turned out, the Giants released Steve Kline at the end of Spring
training and the Phillies were able to sign him to a minor league deal.
In 2007, Kline 4.70 ERA in 46 innings and the 35 year old veteran could
prove to be a viable option for the Phillies.

This is a good signing for Pat Gillick’s team as it is a low risk high
reward situation. If Kline does well the Phillies bullpen will be that
much stronger. If he falters, they have not spent a lot of time or
money on him and can pursue other options. Chances are Kline will be
serviceable but not the entire solution to what ails the pen.

Kline will begin his tenure with the Phillies as a minor leaguer and if
the team likes what it sees, they will recall the southpaw. He will
report to Triple-A Lehigh Valley next week.