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Phillies Beat the Mets AGAIN!

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The New York Mets can’t remember the last time they beat the
Philadelphia Phillies. The good news for Phillies fans is that the
streak continues. The Phillies now have a 9 game winning streak against
the Mets while they broke an 0-7 streak for opening days at Shea

The Phillies offense continued to threaten against starter Oliver Perez
but they could not push a run across. But just like last year, the Mets
bullpen imploded against the Phils and gave up 5 runs in the seventh
and eighth innings. The Mets also seem to have the Phillies in their
head a bit as this losing streak continues into this season. Phillies
fans have no problem with that!

Jamie Moyer battled and was able to limit the Mets to 2 runs in 6
innings while Chad Durbin, J.C. Romero, and Tom Gordon were able to
shut the door on the Mets.

On a bad note, Jimmy Rollins was taken out of the game in the eighth
with a left ankle sprain. Phightin’ Phils Phorum will give you all the
information on Rollins when it becomes available.

Sorry children, you are misguided. The fat lady has actually sung at Shea!

Baseball This Morning

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Buck Martinez on “Baseball This Morning” on XM Radio discussed opening day and
referred to Tom Gordon as the biggest “code red” of the day. He shares
the concerns that Phillies fans have that Tom Gordon may not be what he
once was.

Gordon gave up 5 earned runs and allowed 5 of the 6 batters he faced
to reach base. The question is whether or not Gordon has passed his
prime or if he just is not prepared for the season. Either way, the
Phillies are in trouble in the back end of their bullpen and need help.
Brad Lidge returns on Saturday but also has question marks and Ryan
Madson was less than stellar yesterday and had a fastball that was only
hitting 87 miles per hour.

Wes Helms seems to be the only trade bait the Phillies have but
there is little or no demand for him. Although it is a spilled milk
issue, why again did the Phillies not go after more bullpen help during
the off season?

The Phillies have the best 1 to 8 line up in the National League and
may have the best bench. The problem is pitching wins championships!
The Phillies are weak in their rotation and weak in their bullpen.
Until they step up in both, wins and losses will be determined by how
well mediocre pitchers perform on a given day.